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Frequently Asked Questions

...About Our Clubs

Q. Can my EYFS child attend the after school club? 
A. Unfortunately the clubs we offer are only for children in Years 1 to Years 6, however the holiday camps and workshops we offer are suitable for EYFS children. 

Q. Can my child have a trial session before we commit to the whole half term?
A. Yes, please contact us directly to book and speak about a trial session.

Q. I can't attend watching week, can I send another family member in my place?
A. Of course! with our watching week there is no limit to the amount of people to come and watch, more the better!

Q.My Childs school has said I can receive Pupil Premium funding for the dance club, what are my next steps?
A. Please email us directly and you will be issued a code to input into our sign up system, this will then subtract the payment, or part of the payment, depending on how much your child's school have agreed to pay.

...About our Camps

Q.Can my child attend the camp even if it is held at a school they don't attend? 
A.Yes! all of our camps and workshops are open to every child even if they don't attend the school where the event is taking place.

Q.I need to collect my child early from camp as they have an appointment, can they still attend?
A.Yes, this is no problem. Please email us directly to request this and let us know the collection time and who will be collecting your child.

Q. Do you take holiday vouchers? Are you HAF registered? Can I use any funding towards my child attending one of your camps/workshops?
A. This is something we unfortunately don't offer at this current moment in time. We are looking into this! as this would greatly benefit families. We hope to be able to offer this in the near future. However please speak to your child's school as they may be able to help you further with funding or part funding. 

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